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Roll Off Containers

All Steel Containers

Contractor-2 Week Rental (14 calendar days)- New Construction, Remodel, and Remediation Clean Up.

Homeowner-1 week (7 Calendar days)- New Construction, Remodel, Remediation Clean Up, Landscape Debris Removal


Landscape Debris Removal- Please call or submit request for special rate

Garage/Attic/Junk Removal - Please call or submit request

8 Yard Container 

​​$190 plus $91.52 per ton; 1 ton minimum.

10-12 Yard Container 

​​$199 plus $91.52 per ton; 1 ton minimum.

16 Yard Container 

​​$229 plus $91.52 per ton; 1 ton minimum

18 Yard Container 

​​$249 plus $91.52 per ton; 1 ton minimum

14 Yard Container 

​​$219 plus $91.52per ton; 1 ton minimum

20 Yard Container 

​​$269 plus $91.52 per ton;1 ton minimum

Once the dumpster has been placed at the site customer will be invoiced, this includes rental of the dumpster and includes a 1-ton minimum tip fee for disposal.  Dumpster rental time starts from the time of placement on-site and is based on calendar days, on day 15 (Contractor) or 8 (homeowner) a $10 per day rental fee will be incurred. It is the responsibility of the customer to call to schedule pick up of the dumpster when work is complete. Fuel Charge based on service area applies.


PLEASE NOTE, if a dumpster is called for pick up prior to the end of the rental date and a new one is required to continue the job, this is considered a new rental, and rental fees will be invoiced, along with a new rental time period.

  • What kinds of materials CAN be disposed of in one of our dumpsters?
    Construction and Demolition debris, not limited to new construction, remodels, and remediation. Landscape and brush debris can also be disposed of but can not be mixed in with construction and demolition debris. Any household clean outs that are not due to remediation or remodel require can be placed in a dumpster for disposal with prior authorization and can not be mixed in with any construction or landscape debris. A $75 separation fee can occur if any of the above is co-mingled in a dumpster and needs to be separated out.
  • What kinds of materials CAN’T be disposed of in one of our dumpsters?
    No paints, pesticides, petroleum products, tires, liquids, asbestos, or residential garbage. A flat charge of up to $500 could occur for required clean- up of contaminated debris.
  • Is there a proper way to load the dumpster for maximum usage/capacity?
    Yes! Many times debris is just thrown in wasting space as well as causing the container to be unevenly loaded. Please load dumpster evenly to the top rail of dumpster and no higher than the side rails, there is a 4 ton maximum for the dumpster. We do reserve the right to refuse pick up of any dumpster that is deemed by our drivers to be unsafe or overloaded and will be at customer’s expense to correct any and all violations.
  • What payment methods you do accept?
    We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Pay-Pal, Check & Cash
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